Amanda Visell Feral 3" Mini Series

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The Ferals Mini Series by Amanda Visell is precious, adorable, cute and the perfect addition to your Kidrobot collection. In this collection, Amanda created a cast of characters using a variety Kidrobot's platforms including MUNNY, TRIKKY, RAFFY & DUNNY.

Collect them all:

  • Snow Eating Macaque 3/60
  • Giraffagon 6/60
  • Jack Roarke ?/??
  • Dragon Scout Master 6/60
  • Fox in the Hen House 6/60
  • Hairless Tomcat ?/??
  • Buck Wethers 6/60
  • Lucky Burro 4/60
  • Evil Buck Wethers 3/60
  • Bah Boon 6/60
  • Jack Rabbit Frost 4/60
  • Scaredy Cat 3/60
  • Krampus 3/60
  • Proboscis Monkey 2/60

About Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell grew up with a crazy love for vintage Disney. Mousketeers, war era cartoons, a different time. She spent her teens in the pacific northwest during the riot grrl music movement and was captivated by the large community of independent artists and their overall message of equality.  She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in visual development for animation, eventually becoming a designer and sculptor on stop motion segments for shows like The Simpsons and the feature film Elf. Her career took a sharp turn when she started showing her paintings publicly. Since 2005 she has exhibited her work, lectured, and taught workshops  at galleries and museums internationally (not just Canada). She has partnered with brands to develop product lines based on her artwork including Disneyland U.S.A and Kidrobot. In 2007 she formed her own design brand, Switcheroo with notable artist Michelle Valigura. She currently lives in northern Los Angeles with chickens and dogs, she did not go to college.​