Blackwing Volume 33 1/3 Pencils

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From their introduction in the late 1800s, analog records have withstood the advent of radio, the rise and fall of CDs and MP3s, and the dawn of streaming. Rather than be displaced by these more convenient ways of consuming music, the vinyl record has instead shifted from an object of convenience to one of connection. And it has thrived in the process.

The Blackwing 33 1/3 is a tribute to vinyl records. It features a matte black finish and matte black ferrule to go with its black imprint and black eraser. The gloss black foil banding near the grip was inspired by the grooves on a record.

Each set contains 12 LIMITED EDITION pencils. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

  • Hex shape
  • Iconic ferrule design
  • Matte black finish with gloss black banding
  • Cedar casing that sharpens evenly and easily
  • Specially formulated balanced graphite that writes smoothly
  • Replacement erasers available (in lots of colors!)
  • Sharpener sold separately
  • Made in Japan