Brilliant Berry Blooming Tea

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Known for their gem-like appearance and juiciness, berries are brimming with flavor and health benefits. This Bursting Berries Tea pops with intense flavor, finishing with earthy tones of white tea and a delicate floral bouquet. A cup of this juicy tea is sure to add a little pop of color to your day

4 Tea Blooms - Makes 3 infusions each.
1 Bloom to 1 Teapot - Add tea bloom to teapot.

How to Brew:

  • Boil Water - Fill teapot with hot water.
  • Steep 3-5 Minutes - Watch the magic unfold
  • Enjoy your cup.

Ingredients - jasmine flowers, marigold flowers, gomphrena flowers, white tea, natural flavors.

*Note - Appearance of flower bloom might differ from the photograph due to flower supply and seasonality.