Coconut Escape Blooming Tea

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Noted for sweet flesh and luxurious texture, the coconut reigns as an indulgent superfood. This Coconut Escape Tea glows with exotic nuttiness, balanced by herbal notes of white tea and mellow floral nectar. This tea's tropical aroma will whisk your imagination away on a warm escape. 

4 Tea Blooms - Makes 3 infusions each.
1 Bloom to 1 Teapot - Add tea bloom to teapot.

How to Brew:

  • Boil Water - Fill teapot with hot water.
  • Steep 3-5 Minutes - Watch the magic unfold
  • Enjoy your cup.

Ingredients - oroxylum flowers, jasmine flowers, marigold flowers, white tea, natural flavors.

*Note - Appearance of flower bloom might differ from the photograph due to flower supply and seasonality.