Editor's 365 Days Notebook

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Stalogy Notebooks are award-winning and masterfully designed for ease of use. A simple notebook with only the minimum elements of time, number, date, day of week, and 4mm square grid. These pre-printed information elements are printed in a very light grey color ink on each page. Since the pages are undated, you can plan as you go and never have to commit to an entire year (although there is a year's worth of pages inside).

The paper is luxurious and thin, and can be used with pens, pencils and even fountain pens. The compact size makes it easy and convenient to carry.

Stalogy Notebooks are used by writers, editors, engineers, artists, and everyday people to capture ideas, schedules, notes, and drawings. These products are perfect to use as a calendar, scheduler, diary, sketchpad, and for everyday notes. Stalogy Notebooks are compact, thin, open completely flat, and bend completely back - almost 360 degrees.


  • 018 Editor's Series 365 Days A6 (4.1 in. x 5.8 in.)
  • 368 pages