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August: Ecologie - Photographs by Jenny Zuko


Ecologie is a body of work celebrating highly-saturated landscapes, mushrooms, vistas and cloudy skies. 

July: Through Space and Time, Works by Sean Donovan

Please join us Second Saturday, July 9th, from 6 - 9pm for the opening reception of Through Space and Time - Works by Sean Donovan. Works will be on display until August 10th.

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May: Rise of the Mud Men, Works by Porkchop

Hidden deep in a swamp, under a muddy rock, there you will find Porkchop. Butcher by day and illustrator by night you will find him surrounded by piles of pens, sheets of paper and inks made from juiced primordial creatures. That is where they began, the Mudmen...Illustrations of some of the many creatures that inhabit [...]

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April: Fleet - New paintings by ezerd

Please join us Second Saturday, April 9th from 6-9pm for the Opening Reception of Fleet - new paintings by ezerd.Fleet will be on display until May 11th, 2016 - don't miss it!

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October 2015: Brooklyn Collage Collective

The BCC is a collective of collage artists from Brooklyn and the surrounding area. Founded by Morgan Jesse Lappin and Lizzie Gill, the group has been growing steadily since 2013. The collective officially began a year ago with the mission to work together to push the broadening definition of collage through [...]

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September 2015: Ez-spired

EZ-SPIRED ROBOTSThe adopt a robot series by ezerd goes 3D with the collaboration of some incredibly talented sculptors, toy designers, and 3D artists.Artists include: Karly Perez, Paula Ibey, Shez, Mike Moran, Trust Pigs, HungryGhost, Kristy Brucale Jach, Paul Jach, Kasey Tararuj, and Melodreama, Kyle Kirwan, TMO Plater.Join us Second Saturday, September 12th from 6-9pm for [...]

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AUGUST 2015: Vanishing Point - Photos by Jenny Zuko

Join us Second Saturday, August 8th, 2015 for the Opening Reception of Vanishing Point: A collection of abandoned, sun-baked, grungy, and desert-loving photographs by Jenny Zuko (Jennypix)

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JULY 2015: We Are The Glorg' - Works by SCARECROWOVEN

Join us Second Saturday, July 11th, 2015 from 6-9pm for the opening reception of 'We Are The Glorg' - Works by SCARECROWOVEN.Free & open to the public - come hang with awesome people, eat delicious cupcakes and check out the incredible art!About the Artist:Previously to his career as an illustrator, Scarecrowoven was employed as a [...]

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JUNE 2015: Monstrosity - Works by Jenn and Tony Bot

Jenn and Tony Bot are proud to present their first solo show, Monstrosity. Featuring their trademark polymer clay style, they've created an entirely new collection of cantankerous custom Dunny creatures. And while these mischievous monsters might be super grumpy, they're bound to bring a smile to your face. Monstrosity will be on display June 11th - [...]

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MAY 2015: Clootie Walls

An interactive art installation by Lisa ZukowskiJoin us for an opening reception, Second Saturday, May 9th, 6-9pm.Artist Statement:The series, Clootie, reflects my desire for and practice towards healing and change. It is both a lament and a celebration. I shredded discarded clothing in a symbolic gesture of destroying old ways in the hope of creating [...]

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