Flower Infused Roll-On Lip Gloss

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Fresh fragrant lip gloss that smells as great as it looks! Unique formula containing mineral oil for super-soft results. Each flavor is infused with natural dried flowers for a light floral scent. Rolls on clear for a subtle shine and comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

Coconut: A relaxing blend of tropical coconut and delicate floral blossoms.
Mango: Fresh blend of tantalizing mango with delicate hints of floral.
Watermelon: Fresh blend of ripe watermelon with sweet floral undertones.
Strawberry: Bursting notes of strawberry with sweet floral undertones.
Raspberry: Refreshing notes of ripe raspberry blended with subtle hints of fresh flowers.
Juicy Peach: Refreshing notes of ripe peach blended with subtle hints of flowers.

  • .20 fl. oz/5.9ml