Gudetama Eggstra Lazy Enamel Pins

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Kidrobot teams up with Sanrio for Gudetama the Lazy Egg wearable goodness. Get extra excited for an eggstra lazy time where-ever you go or lay or laze with the new Gudetama Eggstra Lazy Enamel Pin Series by Kidrobot x Sanrio. Collect and display this new series of egg-cellent pinable accessories for any fan of our favorite lazy egg, Gudetama. These high quality Gudetama pins add a must have pop of flair to your personal style and can be pinned wherever your heart desires... on your jean jacket, your hip-bag, cap, or create a super cool pin board. 

Featuring 10 effortlessly adorable Gudetamas you'll want to collect all the styles like Nerd, Eggcellent Cook, Sailor and Bacon-Wrapped eggy goodness to complete your set and prove that you're so EGGSTRA!

  • Shell stuck Gudetama pin - 2/20 (Rare)
  • Nerdy Gudetama pin - 2/20 (Rare)
  • 24K Egg Gudetama pin - 1/20 (Eggstra Rare)
  • Eggcellent Cook Gudetama pin - 2/20 (Rare)
  • Gude Tan Gudetama pin - 2/20 (Rare)
  • Looking Gude Gudetama pin - 2/20 (Rare)
  • Bacon Wrapped Gudetama pin - 3/20 (Somewhat Rare but Eggcellent)
  • Pet Sausage Gudetama pin - 2/20 (Rare)
  • Sailor Gudetama pin - 2/20 (Rare)
  • Avocado Gudetama pin - 1/20 (Eggstra Rare)

Each pin comes mystery sealed in a blind box to preserve the collectibility and add fun surprise with each unboxing. Each quantity ordered equals one blind boxed pin.