Oregon Coast Journal

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Little Lark fell in love with Whale Cove on the Oregon Coast the moment they saw it. This is just a snapshot of the beautiful Pacific Northwest we admire and call home. 

Little Lark's small journals are filled with a blank, white paper which makes them perfect for virtually any use. Each journal is 4" x 6" x 1/4" and has 60 pages. The front and back cover mirror each other (see flipped photo of the backside of journal). The paper is quite sturdy and can handle a multitude of mediums, but pencil and ink is probably the most common & preferred choice. Paper is 100% recycled paper and is shipped in 1 muslin gift bag.... perfect for gifting, plus handy for storing your journal with favorite pencils, pens, etc.

  • Materials: recycled paper, white paper, unbleached paper, nature
  • Pencil not included, but you can get yourself one here