PUTITTO: PUG on the Cup!

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The Cutest Product from Kitan Club in Japan!
PUTITTO Pugs are here – to hang out on your cups & bowls!

Collect all 8! Which one will you get? It’s a surprise!

Pug Dog loves to stay or hold on edges of anything like cups, walls, vases and so on!

There are a lot of ways for PUG to hold on edges like:

1. Yojinobnori A – I will never let this bone go!! (Fawn)
2. Yojinobnori B – I will never let this bone go!! (White)
3. Taresagari A – Sagging Pug (Apricot)
4. Taresagari B – Sagging Pug (Black)
5. Hikkakari A – Hanging Pug (Black)
6. Hikkakari B – Hanging Pug (Fawn)
7. Daraan A – Loafing Pug (White)
8. Daraan B – Loafing Pug (Apricot)