Rainbow Washi Tapes

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Seven fabulous rainbow tapes in a cute matching box from MT, the original and best Japanese masking tape company. These tapes can be used for anything from decorating cards and gifts, identifying your personal items, and creating artistic patterns on your walls.

Originally developed by a Japanese company that made fly papers, these colorful masking tapes are made from washi or rice paper and have a special low tack adhesive allowing it to be removed and repositioned without leaving a mark.ᅠ


  • Can be removed without leaving a residue
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Tears easily, no need to cut
  • Set of seven tapes each 6mm x 10m (just under 1/4" x 32 3/4')
  • Hugely versatile, can be used for both craft activities and around the house.


  • Once you discover washi tape, it is tempting to collect them all!