Sunkissed Peach Blooming Tea

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Reminiscent of sunshine, the peach captures both the taste and good health of summertime. This Summer Peach Tea is brimming with juicy nectar grounded by mellow notes of white tea and elegant floral sweetness. No matter the weather, a cup of this tea will add a little sunshine to your day.

4 Tea Blooms - Makes 3 infusions each.
1 Bloom to 1 Teapot - Add tea bloom to teapot.

How to Brew:

  • Boil Water - Fill teapot with hot water.
  • Steep 3-5 Minutes - Watch the magic unfold
  • Enjoy your cup.

Ingredients - jasmine flowers, marigold flowers, gomphrena flowers, white tea, natural flavors.

*Note - Appearance of flower bloom might differ from the photograph due to flower supply and seasonality.