Sushi Cats

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Cats + Sushi = "Nekozushi"
The Most Awesome Mythical Creatures Ever!

Please note: This is a blind box product. You will get only 1 of the 5 characters in the picture. Collect all 5 different Sushi Cats!

A blind box is a product sold in a box containing a random item from any one series. You know what set you are buying from, but don't know exactly what you've got until you open the package! It's fun to open them up and see what's inside!

Nekozushi variations will come either as a keychain or with a dish.

Nekozushi Sushi Cat variations:

  • Nya-ta (Lobster & Green Onion)
  • Margo (Egg)
  • Shake-boo (Salmon)
  • Toro-mi (Randoseru)
  • Wa-sa-bi (Cucumber)

Measures: 1.77 x 1.77 x 2.76 in